Advancing the most ground breaking prostate cancer research in China. 

The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s (PCF) mission is to accelerate the world’s most promising prostate cancer research for better treatments and cures. PCF China Initiative supports this mission by identifying, funding, and promoting innovative research projects in China that will lead to new therapies and improved diagnostics for 16 million prostate cancer patients worldwide.



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Our Strategy

  • Partner with government and academic institutions in China to fund and stimulate new prostate cancer research human capital in Chinese academia
  • Connect PCF-funded researchers with both senior and young Chinese scientists to encourage international cancer research collaboration via the PCF Knowledge Exchange
  • Provide international philanthropists interested in prostate cancer an opportunity to fund game-changing cancer research in China

The Opportunity

Even though China has historically experienced low rates of prostate cancer, its urban areas are now reporting increases in incidence. In Shanghai alone, new cases are increasing at a rate of 13 percent annually. This, coupled with a government commitment to stem the rise of new cases, makes China a unique area in which PCF can support research and expand its investment in human capital.


Our Progress

Since our inception in August 2011, PCF China has connected Western scientists with over 70 senior researchers of 11 institutions in China, including Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center, Beijing Genomics Institute, and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2012, PCF signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology National Basic Research Program’s (973) prostate cancer research team. In January 2012, a review committee of Chinese and American scientists selected and awarded the inaugural class of PCF Young Investigators in China (see details below). In March 2012, PCF co-hosted the 1st Annual PCF China Scientific Symposium with the Chinese Urological Association and in June 2012, PCF was invited to cohost the 6th Annual Forum of Prostate Disease with Shanghai Medical Association.